About Us

About us

In 2007 I began to be interested in computers and the Internet. As the real world was rapidly changing towards information technology, I found a very interesting thing. I began studying computers and internet courses in 2007. And after a seven year continuous struggle, now I have extensive knowledge of computers and the Internet. And this is the most precious thing for me. I truly respect that. I will try to share it and I want to share everything before leaving this world. At the same time, because there is no boundary between information technology and knowledge, I will continue learning new things. Everyday is a new day as a learner for me and I learn at least one new thing every day

Common non-computer ->

To my surprise, I learned that I created a blog in 2009 and earn money online. I have studied about it on the Internet for several months. I was looking for the most information in Urdu, but I could not find enough information in Urdu, so I began making blogs and websites. That changed my life to ONLINE LIFE. When I was searching for information in Urdu and I could not find enough information on the Internet in Urdu, I decided to create a blog / site for URDU / HINDI users someday. ).

So at the end, I am currently a passionate blogger, marketer, online instructor, and some adventurer who love to learn new things and visit new places. That is what makes me update this blog. I am managing several blogs / websites on the Internet. I teach dozens of courses in Urdu and English. I am teaching at udemy.com/user/Abdul. Also in Urdu / Hindi refer to "Buy a DVD section".

As shown above, sightseeing is a passion for craving for my death, so I visited several countries including America, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Afghanistan. I plan to visit more countries and places in the near future.

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